• Max capacity from 1 to 24 t/h
  • Washing and sorting
  • Fruits or vegetables
  • Bubbling water and spry nozzles
Washing and Sorting Line (WSL) is a System that guarantees a perfect washing of the fruit and vegetables with adjustable capacity. WSL normally includes a receiving channel with bubbling water, elevator with system to wash the product by sprayed water and final sorting table. The line can be totally customized in order to be able to run many different types of products. WSL LINE can be integrated with MPW (Medium Pressure Washing) to improve its washing performance. MPW allows a very strong washing for all the critical applications such as baby-food or other delicate products; it works with “Medium Variable Pressure”, and it is possible to adjust the water sprays pressure according to the type of product at the inlet.
Products that can be washed:

  • apples
  • pears
  • peaches
  • apricots
  • tropical fruits in general
  • red fruits and vegetables on request
Final product:

  • washed and sorted fruit and vegetables
Final use of the obtained products:

  • concentrate / single strength
  • puree to be packed at hot temperature/aseptic
  • baby foods
  • nectars
Kind of process:

  • washing and sorting
Washing and Sorting Line
for Cold Extraction

N° 10 Different Model Sizes:
Max capacity from 1 to 24 t/h

Medium Pressure Washing

N° 5 Different Model Sizes:
Max capacity from 1 to 24 t/h