• Max capacity from 5 to 15 t/h
  • Cold Extraction
  • Fruit and Vegetables Extraction
  • Rotopulse® softening section
Forefront System, integrated in a sole machine, which can replace traditional destoning machine with rolling drums and stone cleaner.
This machine is capable of destoning peaches and apricots for the production of puree, working continuously as a Turbo Extractor.
The stone is discarded cleaned and whole, with excellent results in terms of yield and quality of the puree e at the end of the line.
Compared to other traditional drum destoners, no mechanical adjustment is required when the fruit change dimensions, ripeness or hardness, with resulting a very low maintenance.
Products that can be processed:

peaches and apricots at room temperature (with stone)

  • peaches with stone
  • apricots with stone
Final product:

  • fruit puree
Final use of the obtained products:

  • purée to be packed at hot temperature/ aseptic
  • baby foods
  • nectars
Kind of process:

  • cold process (at room temperature)
Turbo Depitter
for Peaches and Apricots
Continuous process

N° 3 Different Model Sizes:
Max capacity from 5 to 15 t/h