• Max capacity from 1 to 6 t/h
  • Frozen Extraction process
  • Frozen fruit and vegetables
  • Thermopulse device
EOS POLAR LINE is a Frozen Extraction line specifically designed to process both fresh and frozen products such as IQF or grinded blocks and it is designed for low capacities (max 6 t/h) of product. It guarantees a very low consumption with the best production yields. The key part of the process is the Thermopulse, a patented compact device that allows to partially defrost the frozen products by means of a mechanical softening action against a hot wavy.
Products that can be processed:

  • Fruit and vegetables IQF
  • Crunched blocks of frozen fruit and vegetables
  • Fresh fruit (destoned) and vegetables
Final product:

  • Deactivated puree of fruit
  • Deactivated puree of vegetables
Final use of the obtained products:

  • Smoothies of fruit and vegetables
  • concentrate / single strength
  • puree to be packed at hot temperature/aseptic
  • baby foods
  • Nectars
Kind of process:

  • Frozen Extraction
  • Cold Deareation
  • Enzyme Deactivation by thermal shocking
  • Hot puree Refining
  • Hot Deareation
for Fruit and Vegetables IQF

N° 6 Different Model Sizes:
Max capacity from 1 to 6 t/h