Bertocchi S.r.l was born in 1984 thanks to the experience of Mr. Primo Bertocchi in designing and manufacturing Turbo Extractors for fruit and vegetable purees.
With the aim of fulfilling worldwide customers' requirements the products range has been expanded to include new technologies that can guarantee a higher finished product quality. This resulted in an updating of the old Hot Process Turbo Extractors Series (the DT Series changed in HX Series) and in the launch of the newer Cold Turbo Extractors Series (CX Series) and the EOS System; it means the combination of Cold Extraction with Cold Deaeration and Ultrarapid Enzymatic Deactivation, so that the finished product quality is improved by the great advantages that the 3 steps Extraction process can provide.

These machines (patented by Bertocchi S.r.l. over Europe, U.S.A. and other countries) have been representing a technical benchmark in the food industry ever since the Company was founded. Namely the monostage Hot Turbo Extractor with Hypocycloidal System in the 80's (patented in Italy, U.S.A. and many other countries), the Cold Extraction Process with the Rotopulse pretreatment System in the early 90's and the Cold Deaeration and Enzymatic deactivation system in the 2000's.

In the last few years Bertocchi has been focused on the research and development, in particular regarding the Frozen Extraction, that can take place by means of the Thermopulse® patented device for product thawing and softening. Due to this technology Bertocchi can design and manufacture complete Frozen Extraction lines for baby food, smoothies, etc...