• Max capacity from 1 to 8 t/h
  • Controlled product feeding
  • Fresh and frozen fruit/vegetables, aseptic puree and frozen puree
  • PLC and HMI for managing recipes
The Multi Feeding System Line is a feeding system designed to guarantee a great flexibility regarding the inlet products. Also, it can to blend them in line according to the selected recipes guaranteeing the highest finished puree quality after Cold or Frozen Extraction of the products that have been mixed upstreams. Each section of the line (fresh product, IQF, aseptic, etc.) is specifically designed to process different types of products by means of machines that are highly efficient in terms of constant flow, continuous controlled dosing, ultra rapid defrosting and melting, extremely cleanable and fitted with integrated CIP. Ideal for the baby-food industry.
Products that can be processed:

  • Fresh fruit /vegetables of various sizes or with stones in bins
  • Various fresh fruit/vegetables in trays
  • IQF in boxes, drums or totes
  • Whole fruit/vegetables in drums, box or blocks
  • Aseptic puree in box or in drums
Final product:

  • Dosed mix of products ready for Cold Extraction
Final use of the obtained products:

  • concentrate / single strength
  • puree to be packed at hot temperature/aseptic
  • baby foods
  • nectars
Kind of process:

  • Fresh products washing and sorting
  • Fresh products destoning
  • Aseptic puree injection
  • Frozen products automatically dumping
  • Frozen products liquefying
  • Automatic dosing and mixing
Multi Feeding System Line
for Fresh/Frozen Aseptic Products
for Baby Food, Puree, Fruit and Vegetable Puree

N° 01 Model Size:
Max capacity from 1 to 8 t/h