• Max capacity from 500 kg/h to
    8 t/h
  • Frozen Extraction
  • IQF Extraction
  • Frozen Extraction by Thermopulse®
The new VFX Special Turbo Extractors Series is the next generation of VCX Turbo Extractors for the puree production from frozen fruits and vegetables in the form of IQF or grinded blocks. These machines add extreme versatility to the VFX Special models from which they evolved through the use of a variable speed Rotopulse® for product softening prior to extraction process. The VFX Special makes it possible to soften hard products at high speed or gently process at low speed. This allows you to adjust the main rotor speed on the basis of product finish or waste characteristics.
Products that can be processed:

fruits or vegetables in IQF

  • small IQF cubes of fruits and vegetables
  • IQF strawberries
  • IQF raspberries
  • IQF blueberries
  • IQF blackberries
  • IQF vegetables
Final product:

  • fruit puree
  • vegetable puree
Final use of the obtained products:

  • smoothies
  • baby foods
  • jam
  • high quality puree
Kind of process:

  • frozen extraction
VFX Special
Turbo Extractor
for Frozen Extraction
by Thermopulse®

N° 6 Different Model Sizes:
Max capacity from 500 kg/h to 8 t/h