• Max capacity from 1000 kg/h to
    24 t/h
  • Cold Extraction and Cold Deaeration
  • Fruit and Vegetables Extraction
  • Ultrarapid Deactivation by Thermal shocking
EOS Revolution is a new and revolutionary enzymatic deactivation System that allows the immediate heating of the product at the outlet of the screen inside the Turbo Extractor for the cold extraction of the puree. The Turbo Extractor is in fact inserted in the enzymatic deactivation circuit and it makes the process immediate and simplified. The Hot Product recirculates through the Cold Turbo Extractor, which is internal to the Enzymatic Deactivation Loop.
Products that can be processed:

fruits or vegetables at room temperature: whole, chopped or destoned (for fruits with stone)

  • apples and pears
  • destoned peaches and apricots
  • grapes
  • red fruits and wild fruits
  • tropical fruits
  • others different kind of fruit vegetables with low consistency
Final product:

  • deactivated fruit puree
  • deactivated vegetable puree
Final use of the obtained products:

  • concentrate /singlestrength
  • purée to be packed at hot temperature/ aseptic
  • baby foods
  • nectars
Kind of process:

  • cold extraction and cold deaeration
  • ultrarapid deactivation by thermal shocking
EOS Revolution
New System
for Instantaneous Deactivation
of Cold Extraction Puree

N° 10 Different Model Sizes:
Max capacity from 1000 kg/h to 24 t/h