• Max capacity from 500 kg/h to 12 t/h
  • Frozen Extraction
  • IQF Extraction
  • Frozen Extraction by Thermopulse®
The VFX Turbo Extractors have been studied and developed for the puree production from frozen fruits/vegetables in form of IQF or grinded blocks. This puree is ideal for Smoothies, baby food and jam.
Products that can be processed:

fruits or vegetables in IQF

  • small IQF cubes of fruits and vegetables
  • IQF strawberries
  • IQF raspberries
  • IQF blueberries
  • IQF blackberries
  • IQF vegetables
Final product:

  • fruit puree
  • vegetable puree
Final use of the obtained products:

  • smoothies
  • baby foods
  • jam
  • high quality puree
Kind of process:

  • frozen extraction
Turbo Extractor
for Frozen Extraction
by Thermopulse®

N° 7 Different Model Sizes:
Max capacity from 500 kg/h to 12 t/h